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“White Christmas”: Song-and-Dance Ten, Book Three

           In the words of a Phoenix Productions insider, Irving Berlin’s White Christmas (its official title) is “the kind of show you rush through the book to get to the music.” Agreed. Berlin’s music and lyrics make the show palatable…and … Continue reading

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Caught in the “middlemen” at NJ Rep

           Once in a while, I’d rather pass on writing about a play I’d intended to review. Sometimes because it’s really bad, which has precluded some reviews, and sometimes because the play makes so little sense that offering an opinion … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Cotton Club: “After Midnight”

           Broadway’s After Midnight ends with “Freeze and Melt,” an ensemble number that mimics that title’s postures. It’s amusing; it’s electric; it’s sensational. Then comes the curtain calls and a well-deserved standing-O. But wait; it ain’t over yet. The star … Continue reading

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Looking in on acting class…

           Until last week, I’d never attended Holmdel Theatre Company while a football game was in progress on the field adjacent to the theater, with the PA announcer and the band providing muffled accompaniment to the play. It was a … Continue reading

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A Tricky “Map of the Soul” at Two River Theater

           “A Map of the Soul” is comprised of two 80-minute segments, written and performed by Martin Moran. “The Tricky Part” and “All the Rage” are programmed separately at Two River Theater through November 17, with several opportunities to see … Continue reading

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