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Lotsa’ love for “Mad Love” (not so much for “The Cherry Orchard”)

Thinking about Mad Love, the word “lark” popped into my head. Where’d that come from? I thought, so I looked it up in my Oxford: Something mischievous…an amusing adventure or escapade. Marisa Smith’s play, running through November 20 at New … Continue reading

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Heil you-know-who: “The Producers” at Paper Mill Playhouse

The Producers has the potential to offend pretty much everyone: Jews, gays, women, seniors, prudes and the self-appointed Good Taste Police. When well staged, however, the holder of a record dozen Tony Awards (Hamilton won one fewer) replaces offense with … Continue reading

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How to save the farm? Irving Berlin to the rescue!

Back in the day, I produced and performed in summer-stock musicals. They usually featured about six principals and double that number of backup singer-dancers. I like to think the shows were pretty good; the relatively un-demanding audiences certainly enjoyed them. … Continue reading

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