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You don’t hafta’ be a kid to love “HONK!” at Two River

Some years ago I came up with a way to compare the relative quality of shows I had recently seen: If I had to see one of them again soon, which show would I pick? Since Thanksgiving 2011 – writing … Continue reading

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“Titus Andronicus” at the Public: A Bloodletting

Trust me, you do not want the job of cleaning the stage after performances of Titus Andronicus at the Public Theater. Or laundering the costumes. Can you say blood-soaked? Shakespeare’s first-written tragedy is a gory affair that leaves little to … Continue reading

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“Bakersfield Mist” a Clear Winner

The setup is simple enough. Maude Gutman has been led to believe that the painting she bought at a yard sale for three dollars might be a Jackson Pollock original. She sends an inquiry to an Art Foundation, which sends … Continue reading

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