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The heat is back on in “Miss Saigon”

“Miss Saigon” was the first play I reviewed for the Two River Times in Red Bank, NJ – or for anywhere, actually, since a stint on a Rhode Island weekly during a long-ago college summer recess. I attended the April … Continue reading

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“The Price” is right

“The Price” is not a comedy – far from it. But Arthur Miller’s seldom-staged play demonstrates something his other plays do not – that Miller could indeed write funny. Not just the absurdist humor of Willy Loman’s refrigerator rant or … Continue reading

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A well-built “Multiple Family Dwelling” in Long Branch NJ

It’s said that there are only seven plots. If so, who’s sleeping with whose husband/wife/SO must be at least two of them. The details of such assignations are revealed late in “Multiple Family Dwelling,” but the vibes are unmistakable right … Continue reading

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Come from wherever to see “Come From Away”

Anyone who doesn’t believe in the Magic of Theatre would be well advised to get to “Come From Away,” where a dozen diverse performers, aided by some chairs, a few coats and hats and fewer props, create three times that … Continue reading

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Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical in NJ (not that one)

Before Lin-Manuel Miranda chose Ron Chernow’s 827-page biography of Alexander Hamilton to read on vacation, “In the Heights” had established him as a composer-lyricist to reckon with. Opening off-Broadway in 2007 (where I saw it twice), it graduated to Broadway … Continue reading

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A three-actor scramble: “Merry Wives” at Two River Theater

Tradition has it that Queen Elizabeth, enamored of Falstaff from Shakespeare’s Henry IV plays, asked the playwright for a play depicting the character in love (a likely apocryphal  ‘alternate fact’ but so what). Shakespeare did Her Majesty one better, showing … Continue reading

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