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Shakespeare tees off: “Twelfth Night” at Holmdel

Holmdel Theatre Company’s 2000 “Twelfth Night” was as good a local Shakespeare as I’d seen. Holmdel’s current production of the same play doesn’t reach that level, but it is not for lack of effort or imagination. The cast includes several … Continue reading

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Attractive opposites: ‘Skippyjon’ and ‘Skin Flick’

THEATREWORKS USA is a treasure. Their imaginative shows for young audiences, presented annually at the Lortel Theatre in NYC, are accessible to all, regardless of socio-economic status. In other words, they’re free. This year’s is “Skippyjon Jones Snow What,” adapted … Continue reading

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“Mary Poppins”: Supercalifragilistic…(you know the rest)

Who was that man walking along Monmouth Street in Red Bank at 11PM last Friday singing Supercalifragilistic… and eliciting smirks from the smokers outside Buona Sera? Well, if you must know, it was me, and it wasn’t just the song … Continue reading

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Up-dated Shaw and haunting Ibsen at Ontario Festival – plus Charity Valentine!

Unlike Shakespeare’s plays, which are frequently set wherever and whenever it pleases modern-day interpreters, George Bernard Shaw’s are rarely moved from their original settings. Until last week, in fact, I didn’t recall seeing a Shaw play set anywhere but where … Continue reading

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TV Personalities find “Closure” in New Jersey

“Closure” is a potboiler revolving around several red herrings and a MacGuffin. Translation: The world-premiere play at New Jersey Repertory Company is a fairly standard noir mystery/thriller built on intentionally misleading clues and a major element that turns out not … Continue reading

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