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Much Ado About Much

 Much Ado About Nothing may not be Shakespeare’s funniest laugh-out-loud comedy, but it’s his word-wittiest. That wit resides primarily in exchanges between Beatrice and Benedick, one of the two couples whose intertwined romances unfold in the play. As headlined at … Continue reading

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Donna (and Andrea Gallo) orbit the moon…

After seeing Andrea Gallo in the one-woman play Donna Orbits the Moon, I told New Jersey Rep Producers Gabor and SuzAnne Barabas that if I ever call them for Gallo’s phone number, they’ll know I’ve written a play. Later I … Continue reading

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“Assassins” – not a toe-tapper

You couldn’t make it up. On February 15, 1933, bricklayer Giuseppe Zangara, barely five feet tall and suffering with severe stomach pains which he blamed on U. S. capitalism, attempted to assassinate Franklin D. Roosevelt as the President-elect addressed a … Continue reading

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“Come Fly Away”: Frank Sinatra and Twyla Tharp Do It Their Way

Even sightless theatergoers would get their money’s worth at Come Fly Away. So might the hearing-deprived. Folks with both those senses in working order are advised to get themselves to Detroit’s Fisher Theatre between September 13 and 25. There they’ll … Continue reading

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