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Variety on Canadian Festival stages: a Preview

[This article was written for Digital First Media’s Michigan newspapers, where it ran on Sunday May 13, with reviews to follow during the summer.] Ontario’s Stratford and Shaw Festivals are celebrated as much for their diverse programs of classic and … Continue reading

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Shakespeare, Shaw and More: North of the Border

William Shakespeare and George Bernard Shaw are the raisons d’être for the Stratford and Shaw Festivals in Ontario, where those venerated playwrights (and others) are staged by world-class directors, actors and designers. The venues being a couple hours’ drive apart … Continue reading

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At Shaw Festival: Wilde, Gilbert and young Alice too!

[As appears in September issue of American Mensa Magazine] In 1962 a group of Canadians and Americans produced weekend performances of George Bernard Shaw’s Don Juan in Hell and Candida in a Court House hall in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada. From … Continue reading

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Shakespeare and more at Canada’s Stratford Festival

(As published in the August 2016 issue of  the Magazine of American Mensa) William Shakespeare’s second tetralogy, known as the Henriad, covers 22 years of English history, from 1398 to 1420. He wrote the compilation’s four plays over five years, … Continue reading

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A “Mama” To Remember At Two River Theater

It’s a safe bet that Heather Mac Rae never dreamed she’d be cast in a role created by Marlon Brando. No, the venerable actress is not playing Terry Malloy in a remake of “On the Waterfront.”  She is, however, playing … Continue reading

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Up-dated Shaw and haunting Ibsen at Ontario Festival – plus Charity Valentine!

Unlike Shakespeare’s plays, which are frequently set wherever and whenever it pleases modern-day interpreters, George Bernard Shaw’s are rarely moved from their original settings. Until last week, in fact, I didn’t recall seeing a Shaw play set anywhere but where … Continue reading

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