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A Tempest at Two River: “Hurricane Diane” in Red Bank

If you wished to come back as a Greco-Roman God, you could do far worse than to opt for Dionysus (Greek), also known as Bacchus (Roman), the god of wine, fertility and agriculture as well as the patron god of … Continue reading

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“August Wilson’s Jitney” on B’way; “The Jag” in NJ

Seeing different August Wilson plays directed and acted by the same theater artists must be like it was for Elizabethan theatergoers watching the Lord Chamberlain’s Men (later The King’s Men for King James I) perform Shakespeare’s “Richard II” one week … Continue reading

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Take the A (for Any) Train to “In Transit”

The last time I walked by the TKTS booth on Time Square at 47th Street, 22 Broadway shows were offering same-day discounted tickets, most for half-price plus a two dollar service charge. Several have since closed, but in relatively low-attendance … Continue reading

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