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“The Substance of Bliss” falls short of blissful

It’s about ten minutes into “The Substance of Bliss” before we learn what Paul (Christopher Daftsios) and Donna (Susan Maris) are doing out on their patio at 2AM, other than bickering over conflicting ideas for re-designing the small, upper-middle-class retreat … Continue reading

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Reason at odds in “Lives of Reason”

Suspension of disbelief refers to one’s acceptance of actions or statements in a fiction which defy reality. Stuff that would be highly unlikely to occur as portrayed or would, at least, be reacted to differently in an actual situation. “Lives … Continue reading

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“The Changeling” might be 400 years old, but Oh My!

April 23 of this year marks the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare, a milestone being marked by a surge in the already generous number of productions worldwide. Queen Elizabeth I lent her name to the style of … Continue reading

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