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Rock of (Teen) Ages: “Be More Chill” in Red Bank

The new-ness of new plays must be factored into their evaluations. Often over-long and repetitious and occasionally derivative of other, established works, new plays profit from “tryout” productions. So it is with the world premiere of “Be More Chill” at … Continue reading

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The plays are the things at the Stratford (Ontario) Festival

The 13 plays in the Stratford (Shakespeare) Festival’s 2015 season, its 63rd, include four that represent the breadth of Shakespeare’s output. His (anyone’s) greatest play “Hamlet” is complemented by early-career comedies “The Taming of the Shrew” and “Love’s Labours Lost” … Continue reading

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The Royal Treatment for “The Royal Family” in Madison

Plays about Theatre and Theatre People start out with a big advantage. They are written, directed and acted by people who usually know what the heck they’re talking about. No play fits this better than “The Royal Family,” and no … Continue reading

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