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A dire tale on Broadway…told with “Wit”

In “Wit,” Vivian Bearing, a (fictitious) former professor of 17th-Century literature and John Donne’s poetry in particular, has been diagnosed with stage-four ovarian cancer. It has metastasized to her bones; she is dying. For the sake of research into cancer … Continue reading

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“Boeing Boeing” hits turbulence…

There’s a 90-second segment in Boeing Boeing at Paper Mill Playhouse where the characters exude relaxed, natural charm. The scene is staged – one might say choreographed – with effortless precision, and the six actors all give winning performances. That … Continue reading


“American Idiot” on the road: Vivid…Infectious

American Idiot, Green Day’s 2004 rock concept album, went six-times platinum in the U. S., Canada and the UK, which doesn’t happen by chance. The 2010 stage adaptation ran more than a year on Broadway and won two Tony Awards. … Continue reading

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Come in out of the cold: to a Broadway theater…

Sure, you’d like to see The Book of Mormon . Or even catch up with Wicked, still going strong after eight-plus years. Who wouldn’t? But tickets to Broadway blockbusters are not only expensive, they’re sold out for months. The good … Continue reading

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The 2011 Normy Awards

Fifteen years and counting! (And they said it wouldn’t last.) Announcing the 15th annual Normy Awards. Begun in 1997 and dubbed the Normy in 2002 in honor of my friend and frequent theater companion Norman Ansorge, who died that year, … Continue reading

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