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“Poor Behavior” makes for absorbing theatre

I feel about Theresa Rebeck’s plays the same as I do about Woody Allen’s movies: the good ones are really good and even the minor ones are very much worth seeing. Rebeck’s distinctive “Mauritius,” on Broadway in 2007, is on … Continue reading

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Clear “Lear” in Central Park

My Shakespeare-scholar friend dislikes the term “accessible” to describe productions that de-mystify some of the more complex texts. That judgment, he believes, is condescending or at least should be unnecessary. His point is well taken; the plays, after all, are … Continue reading

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Seeing “Lucky Me” in Long Branch? Lucky you.

In Theatre of the Absurd (capital A), accepted stage conventions are largely abandoned in order to present a view of the world as meaningless and incomprehensible. Robert Caisley’s “Lucky Me,” premiering at New Jersey Repertory Company, doesn’t exactly fit that … Continue reading

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