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“next to normal” – not your normal musical

When Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland said “Let’s put on a show” they weren’t considering a musical about a woman suffering from bi-polar disorder and the effect her malady had on her family. They weren’t, but composer Tom Kitt and … Continue reading

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ReVision’s Vision of “Xanadu”: Blurry

What a pleasure it was at last Friday’s performance of Xanadu to observe a group of 32 youngsters from Camp R.O.B.I.N. as they enjoyed the show from front seats in a section across from me. (Recreation in Old Bridge for … Continue reading

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Before “Glass Menagerie”…

…”The Pretty Trap”             The press material for The Pretty Trap describes the play as Tennessee Williams’s “one-act version” of The Glass Menagerie with an 80-minute running time. Uh, uh on both counts. The play does offer a peek at … Continue reading

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“The Judy Holliday Story” – An Outline

Among the people I asked whether knowing the real-life characters portrayed in a play puts one at an advantage or a disadvantage in evaluating the piece, most, after reflection, said disadvantage, where my own opinion had come down during the … Continue reading

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Shadow Lawn Stage at Monmouth U: “Scapino”

“Dying is easy; comedy is hard.” It’s ironic that the actor most commonly credited with that deathbed aphorism is Edmund Gwenn, who played Santa Claus in Miracle on 42nd Street. I doubt that being alone makes dying any easier, but … Continue reading

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