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“Little Women” comes up big in Holmdel

             Q: Which are more heart-warming: the four March sisters in Louisa May Alcott’s 1868 novel “Little Women?” or their portrayals in Thomas Hischak’s stage adaptation at Holmdel Theatre Company? A: It’s a toss-up.           Loosely based on Alcott’s … Continue reading

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Cole Porter Reigns: “Anything Goes” in Red Bank

           In olden days a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking and the corny jokes that permeate the book of Anything Goes were knee-slappers. Nowadays, however, glimpses of plenty more than stockings create hardly a stir, and … Continue reading

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A very good thing in a very small package…

            It played fewer than 55 performances as part of the Scotland Week segment of the 2013 Brits Off Broadway Festival, but the 55-minute Good With People left an impression that belies both those brief spans. In its blink-of-an-eye running … Continue reading

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Musical history: Take two…

           Two NYC musical shows with similar themes could not be more different in size, scope or style. One, the big-boy, is Motown: The Musical now on Broadway. The underdog is On Kentucky Avenue, which played a couple of tune-up … Continue reading

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Forward to the past: “Noir” at NJ Rep

  NOIR:  generally ‘film noir’ (‘black film’ from the originating French); crime fiction with sexual undertones, usually featuring a hardboiled private eye or plainclothes cop with a sardonic persona, a firm belief in justice, and a willingness to dole out … Continue reading

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“Lucky Guy” is played by the right guy…

When I’m seated in a theater before the show starts, I show my cell phone to my companion to verify that it is indeed turned off. Call me paranoid, but even when I’m alone I enlist the services of whoever … Continue reading

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