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Star Quality Ignites a Broadway Revival

“On the 20th Century” isn’t exactly an old dog, but fitted out with some new tricks, one in particular, the current Broadway revival is a snazzy affair. That one indispensable element is the glowing Kristin Chenoweth. In the role created … Continue reading

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Better by the half-dozen: six David Ives gems

David Ives is a word-wizard. More sublime playlets than several of the ones from “All in the Timing” have yet to be written. The only ones that even come close are Ives’s own, like those that comprise “Lives of the … Continue reading

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DUELING PREMIERES: New plays at New Jersey Repertory Company andTwo River Theater

You’ve probably heard of the G-spot, but maybe not the M-spot. My hunch is you’ll hear a lot about it from anyone you know who sees “The M Spot” at New Jersey Repertory Company. For starters, the M-spot is located … Continue reading

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