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There’s a lot to love in “Ernest Shackleton Loves Me”

The set for “Ernest Shackleton Loves Me” features a metal-frame stand-up desk upon which set microphones, a tape deck, amps and speakers, various other electronic devices and, oh yes, a set of bongo drums hanging on a side pole. It’s … Continue reading

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“All the Fine Boys” on the prowl off-Broadway

One of the two male characters in “All the Fine Boys” is well past boyhood and neither fits the definition of fine. Joseph (Joe Tippett), at 28, is, in fact, very un-fine; the other, Adam (Alex Wolff), is a harmless … Continue reading

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“Ring Twice for Miranda”: Dystopia Calling

If good intentions were reason enough to skew a review to the positive, “Ring Twice for Miranda” would merit a rave. With one line toward the end, playwright Alan Hruska makes his intention clear, affording a retroactive degree of admiration … Continue reading

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Sutton Foster in “Sweet Charity”: Up Close and Personal

How cool would it be to have Sutton Foster come to your house to sing and dance in your living room? And suppose she brought some talented friends to perform with her? Well, that’s not gonna’ happen, but you can … Continue reading

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The “Butler” Did It (Really)

Rarely has a slice of history been as entertainingly portrayed as in Butler. Richard Strand’s play depicts an actual Civil War development with a creative imagining of how it might have unfolded. The circumstances and characters in Butler really existed. … Continue reading

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Dick Gregory bio “Turn Me Loose” off-Broadway

As someone who saw Dick Gregory in person years ago (in Philadelphia-area night clubs) and who still admires his commentaries when the social activist, now 83, calls in to the Imus in the Morning radio program (“Hello, my brother,” he … Continue reading

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